As consumers ourselves, we see the sustainability talk. It's becoming harder and harder to distinguish what's real and what's just marketing. Amidst the noise, we focus solely on impactful actions that actually make a difference.


Wherever possible we look at how we can use low impact materials by assessing their environmental footprint, from production to disposal. This involves incorporating recycled textiles, repurposing by-products from other industries, and choosing less harmful alternatives to chemical processes. It's not about compromising, but elevating the design process.


Many brands conduct large production runs, discarding unsold products, resulting in vast environmental waste. Our approach involves small batch production, though pricier and more challenging to manage, it significantly minimises waste. It also means we have a tighter feedback loop with our customers, allowing us to innovate faster on our next generation of products.


When a product isn't designed for longevity, its lifespan tends to be short. Our products are meticulously designed for durability, keeping our end-users in mind. This isn't just talk; we stand by this commitment with our 3-year product warranty.